30 Days:

I generally do not like to accept horses for anything less than 60 days but for structure purposes here is my normal schedule:
  • Groundwork - I focus on creating respect for my personal space by lunging, sending, catching, sacking out, saddling, getting used to crossing obstacles and trailer loading.

  • In the Saddle: I focus on the basics - forward, backward, left, right and stop from all three gaits with a soft frame

60 Days:

  • I like to take the foundation that was created in the first 30 days and start to build. Taking the forward, backward, left, right and stop to the next level (soft and pretty). I also start to refine forequarters, hindquarters, getting the rib-cage soft, creating a fluid side pass at a walk and trot while defining a softer headset. Once I have these parts of the body soft and under control I start to have some fun with my horse's. I'll start throwing a rope, dragging a log, crossing more difficult obstacles. Riding out of the arena and letting them experience life, traffic, dogs and kids running around, sage grouse jumping under their belly, etc.

90 Days:

    This is where I take the fluid soft movement and start to refine it to a finish. Taking the move off of the hindquarters and make it into a spin. Take the basic side pass and turn in into a half pass. Turn the basic soft stop into a ground covering stop. Teaching tricks like laying down on cue, curb side pickup from a mounting block or fence.