Each year we have the privilege to feature horses at the
Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale. We are partnered with Ken McNabb Horsemanship
as a satellite trainer providing quality ranch horses for customers at the
Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale.

JOIN US - Saturday June 1, 2019 at the Powder Horn Ranch - Douglas, Wyoming

    HAZE - HIP #69    


If you are looking for a true gentleman and partner, Haze is your man. He is great to take out on a trail ride or go rope a cow in the pasture. You will smile every minute that you are on him. He has a ground covering walk, a very smooth trot and is smooth at the lope. He is very athletic but will ride up or down to the level you ask. He is easy on the eyes and stands 15.1, 1200 pounds. It has truly been a pleasure to ride Haze for the last year. He has been a perfect gentleman/companion for my family and we hope that he is the same for you! For more information call (828) 773-7738

Height: 15.1 hands 

Weight: 1200 lbs


























    BOONE - HIP #9    


Boone is a great all-around family horse! We have used him in many ways and he has been a superstar. Here are a few things we have done with Boone: teach young kids and adults riding lessons, mountain trail rides, gather cows in large pastures and roped in the arena as well as in the pasture. He has truly been our all-around, go to family horse. Boone has an easy-going personality that will get along with most riding styles. Take him home to the trail or to use on the ranch and you will be pleased.·He is beginner safe or a seasoned rider can take
Boone and do what you need. With his stocky build and flashy gray color you will definitely be in style wherever you go.  For more information call (828) 773-7738

Height: 14.2 hands 

Weight: 1150 lbs











    DUTCH - HIP #10    


If you are looking for a safe “pretty” horse that fits both you and your wife than Dutch is the one for you. He has a ground covering walk and a baby doll lope. Take him to use on the ranch or into town for your local show. You will not be out styled. He carries himself very well and has a pretty way of moving. We have used him on the ranch to gather large pastures, sort cattle in the ally and in the branding pen. He also has come along nicely in the arena, he is ready to take to a ranch horse versatility show and make you look good. It has been a pleasure to have this horse in my hands the past year and I am sure you will feel the same! For more information call (828) 773-7738

Height: 14.2 hands

Weight: 1100 lbs
















    DAX - HIP #66


Dax has a great personality; he meets you at the gate whether in a small pen or a pasture. He has a nice way
of moving out on the trail, push him to an extended trot and you can cover some ground. His lope is soft and controlled. This horse has style in the arena and responds well to light pressure. Take him to your local horse show and he will do his part to make the day a success. If the arena is not your style, take him out on the trail and have
a safe mount for the day. For more information call
(828) 773-7738.

Height: 14 hands

Weight: 950 lbs